Shanna in a Dress is your quirky best friend who refuses to wear pants. She says what everyone is thinking but no one else will say and you'll get an uncensored journey of humor and heartbreak with a hefty side of entertainment at her shows. Think Jason Mraz mixed with Ingrid Michaelson with a twist of Phoebe Buffay from Friends all wrapped up in a sweet voice accented by guitar, piano, and ukulele.

Shanna started her career at the University of Virginia, biked across the country and fell in love with Colorado, and now keeps her fun music flowing out of Boulder unless she's touring along the east coast or Europe. You can't get the same Shanna in a Dress show twice with her spontaneous banter and playful stage presence. She manages to teeter the line masterfully of taking on complex subject matters with smart, yet accessible lyrics. Her songs are laden with clever wordplay and delight audiences of all ages.

Her debut record's 2018 crowdfunding campaign reached 50% of its goal in the first day it was launched before ending up at 200% of the original goal. It is currently in production and due to be released in January 2020. She was awarded Honorable Mention in 2019 in both the prestigious Telluride Songwriters Competition and Rocky Mountain  Folks Fest Songwriters Showcase. Shanna in a Dress hosts a monthly showcase called Women in Song in Boulder, CO and tours in the US and Europe.