Shanna in a Dress excites me as a music fan. Not only because she creates such fantastic witty music, but because she is standing out from the pack. Shanna is breaking the mold of what a singer-songwriter is, and is doing it in a way that is easy to love. ” - Taste Culture music blog
Shanna in a Dress combines witty, heartfelt songwriting with great musicianship guaranteed to deliver a memorable experience for anyone lucky enough to hear her. From the incredibly moving “Daddy’s Little Girl” to the super funny "Mmm That’s Hot” she hits home on every level taking her listeners on a delightful roller coaster ride of laughter, tears and everything in between.” - Steve Seskin, Grammy-nominated songwriter
She holds the audience in the palm of her hand when she performs-- it's stunning. Her writing is quirky, realistic, and filled with humor. The song Robot floors me. At the time, it felt like she had written the song about me.” - Lauren Crosby, singer-songwriter
My first experience listening to Shanna in a Dress two years ago had me immediately engaged, enchanted, and laughing so hard I snorted - more than once. Her songs that poke fun at life in Boulder and offer advice on “How to turn on a woman” hit high marks where the word “guffaw” seems completely reasonable again. However, to think of Shanna as “the funny girl” cheats you out of the depth she’s offering, and it’s oh so natural for her.” - Joe Werne of Little Tree Concerts
You're way better than the usual shit they book here” - Random guy at a bar Shanna played
...the wonderfully named Shanna in a Dress taking the top spot. Blending delicate folk finesse with a gorgeous voice, delivering witty and worldly wise lyrics but also wonderfully poignant sentiments, and with a slight air of Suzanne Vega’s intimate style about her, few could argue that she didn’t deserve such a finishing position. ” - Dave Franklin, Music Blogger
Her performance in Red Bank, NJ last night was just incredible. She was engaging, uplifting, vivacious, and funny.” - Dan Coleman

— Rock on Radio DJ

Shanna's the hardest working woman in the Folk business and worthy of her rising success. She’s very musical, great voice, great sense of humor, and fearless.” - Eric Schwartz, comedy musician
A musical force of nature! Shanna is a prolific songwriter and performer with a broad approach to covering topics from whimsical to profound. She performs originals as well as covers of meaningful songs about love, family, contemporary life... and boobies! She can have you belly-laughing, then boomerang you to tears and contemplation minutes later. Best enjoyed live. Her songwriting chops can handle any human thought — including ones in your head that you’d like to experience as a song. No joke, Shanna is the real deal.” - Ross Martin
Shanna in a Dress? Never heard of her” - Paul Simon
I first saw Shanna In A Dress perform at a private party and was really impressed. Great songs and between-song banter. In a world full of singer/songwriters, Shanna In A Dress stands out with delightful mix of wit, warmth, humor and heart. She's also a really cool, smart and engaging human being.” - Phil Donaldson