What I Learned in London


  • I dig the escalator culture in London. People actually stand on the right and let people pass on the left, unlike in America where everyone walks to the highest stair then stops and blocks both sides and you have to be like "Excuse me... excuse me"
  • I think I have a good British accent, but I'm apparently very wrong. I sound "too posh. like the Queen. No one actually sounds like that."
  • The Tube gets WAY HOT at rush hour.
  • Most street performers make the same jokes.
  • Brazilian steakhouses are way fun.
  • I keep thinking the cab driver has someone with him in the passenger seat.... oh wait. That IS the driver.
  • People don't talk to each other. Even on my AM run around the neighborhood, I never got a "hello." I'm not in Colorado anymore!
  • While giving a house concert, me and the host logged into a (NOT DIRTY) chat website, and I performed for and met a Czech singer, Belgian guitar player, Indian man, and Oregonian. 
  • If it weren't for Facebook, I wouldn't have had my house concert there, from a friendship formed 5 years ago who ended up following me on YouTube.
  • I felt like the women were tall
  • Buses to the airport can be 30 minutes late, and the airport employee that helped me was UNUSUALLY NICE AND HELPFUL when I didn't even know that I was 10 minutes from being too late to check into my flight.
  • People actually use Twitter, and as a small business, I need one
  • Contactless credit cards are popular, so people REALLY don't carry cash for tipping
  • Made a connection to play a house party in London next year!
  • People I'm friends with actually eat at McDonalds (wow that sounded pretentious)
  • Bathrooms are crazy small
  • My accent got described by someone as "a little twang but not too much" and that they "actually liked the American accent" (unpopular opinion, apparently)
  • European flights are SO much more hospitable than American ones, and cheaper, and they fed me like a king on the international flight back. I even had salted caramel cheesecake. And ice cream.